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Getnord Walrus

GETNORD WALRUS. Simple, yet reliable communication tool for the working professional.

Our classic model has established a legacy of proven performance and is now fully equipped with a quality camera, dual-SIM, Bluetooth and a Micro-SD slot. The Walrus offers basic required phone functions within a tough-as-nails exterior.

Getnord Walrus

GETNORD CAT. Full-featured smartphone with a ruggedized, sleek and convenient design.

Mobile world goes Smart - at least not counting industry environment. If you want access to a smartphone’s modern features while working in hostile environments, this phone is for you.  

Getnord Lynx

GETNORD LYNX.The best and brightest fusion of the mobile industry and military manufacturing.

The newest QuadCore Processor, the latest version of Android and an enormous battery in IP67 housing - if you need more convincing about why we call GETNORD LYNX "The Most Advanced Rugged Phone", please click here  and read on.

Getnord Lynx Walkie Talkie phone

GETNORD LYNX WT. An advanced smartphone and PMR Walkie-Talkie all rolled into one tough and durable exterior.

An outstanding tool for the real working professional – state-of-the-art smartphone technology alongside old-school Walkie-Talkie radio access. This two-in-one offers communication with any PMR Walkie-Talkie outside GSM coverage areas.


GETNORD RUGGPAD7. Reinvention of the tablet: Rugged. Durable. Waterproof.

No more heavy industrial tablets with Stone-age OS and performance. Getnord Tablets offer the latest mobile platforms and the most up-to-date versions of Android. No extras required: Wifi, 3G, IP67, and full memory already available in the box.




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